ven., sept. 16, 2022 2:02 PM

Upgrade to Version 41: Error w/ Lab Results Import

As we are testing on DEV we have run into this issue when trying to import test lab results. All other activities seem to be working fine.


When importing lab results, the dates for some reason are not registering even though it didn’t show any error/incomplete messages when mapping. We double checked and the dates are in the right format yyyy-mm-dd.


Can you provide any guidance on this, please? We upgraded to version 41.

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il y a 2 mois

Dear @cdalcais,


Many thanks for your message. In version 41, dates need to be imported with the following format to avoid the situation that you just mentioned:


In later versions of Go.Data, dates can be imported without having to add the timestamp.

I would advise you to upgrade to the latest version of Go.Data that will be published by the end of the week (v 44) so that you can solve this inconvenience and use the new features and enhancements.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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il y a 2 mois

Thank you, @silvia_e !