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jeu., août 18, 2022 2:09 PM

Go.Data version 43 - Release notes

Go.Data version 43 is now available for download from its usual location. This version includes a number fixes and enhancements. In addition,  new versions of the mobile app which include some bug fixes are available in AppStore and Google Play.

Here is the list of changes

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

- New UI/UX design implemented on pages for merging cases, contacts, contact of contacts and events pages.

- New UI/UX design implemented on Teams workload page.

- New UI/UX design implemented on Users workload page.

- Fixed an issue where Add, Delete, Share, Import, Convert buttons were visible on some pages when the selected outbreak was not the same as active outbreak.

- Added ability to close sticky alerts (e.g. "A person with the same name already exists" ...) by clicking / tapping on the alert message.


Outbreaks and templates

- Fixed an issue where questionnaire question answers where displayed in alphabetical order instead of the order configured by user when filling case, contact, lab result and follow-up questionnaire.

- Fixed an issue where changing questionnaire question from single answer to multiple answer type was causing the questionnaire to not be rendered if case / contact / lab result / follow-up had an answer selected from the time when question type was single answer.


Cases and contacts

- Added copy field value functionality to all relationships that have the same field empty. This feature is available when creating relationships (exposures, contacts).

- Added latitude / longitude columns on bulk create / modify contacts and contacts of contact pages.

- Added new record action type to allow users to see all follow-ups for a contact / case from outbreak all follow-ups page.

- Selecting a location in bulk create / modify contacts and contacts of contacts will prompt user if latitude / longitude should be filled with the values from the location (provided that location record contains coordinates).

- Fixed an issue where contact chronology page was throwing an error if a contact follow-up status did not contain any value.



- Fixed an issue where lab result variant / strain information could have been lost when user updated only some of the variant / strain fields and not all of them.


Mobile app

- Fixed an issue where mobile sync could fail in some specific circumstances when an outbreak had countries.


Reference data

- Added latitude and longitude fields to Centre name reference data records.


System administration

- Fixed an issue where the super admin account could not be deleted by user with appropriate role and permissions.

- Fixed an issue where help item content was not saved properly.

- Fixed an issue where import, export, migrations were throwing an error if database used custom username / password.



- Fixed several misspellings.

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