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mercredi 21 septembre 2022 13:53

Go.Data version 44 - Release notes

Go.Data version 44 is now available for download from its usual location. This version includes a number fixes and enhancements as outlined below:

Upgrades of underlying software components

- upgraded Angular to version 14.2.1
- upgraded MongoDB to version 5.0.11

General user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

- moved even more towards a mobile friendly website (phone/tablet)

- added option to all data exports to allow users to chose what fields should be exported
- added functionality to keep the selected tab when switching from view to modify page (and vice -versa)

- added pagination to quick list of items on view pages
- added functionality to reflect the change in the URL when selecting an item from quick list of items in view pages

- added option to expand / collapse all dashlets at once on dashboard page
- added back question category as a header in questionnaires

- changed all "export only selected records" to keep the provided order

- added option to change order of tabs for case / contact / event / contact of contacts / follow-up / lab-result create, view and modify pages (e.g. you might want to fill Questionnaire before Epi data when you create a case). This option is configurable per user

- fixed an issue where you couldn't expand main menu if scroll bar was visible
- fixed an issue where cached filters weren't updated properly

- fixed an issue where questionnaire Expand / Collapse all buttons were visible even if there were no questions

- fixed an issue where dashboard dashlets were visible even if no outbreak was selected

- fixed an issue where exporting selected records wasn't working properly if you selected deleted records


Outbreaks and templates

- added option to "Generate outbreak" from quick actions under template view / modify pages

- fixed an issue where cloning an outbreak was causing problems when you sync data with mobile app

- fixed an issue where if you changed the questionnaires on generate outbreak from template the changes weren't applied

Cases and contacts

- improved follow-up dashboard page by adding table filters, new table columns, filter caching, minor design changes, column order and visibility
- added follow-up status details column to Daily follow-ups page

- added "Follow-up dashboard" breadcrumb to create / view / modify follow-up page

- added status information to quick list of items in case, contact and contact of contacts view pages (a new toggle was introduced in case you want to gain space by hiding status details)

- added date of burial, burial location and burial place name columns to cases list page
- added number of cases, number of deceased cases and number of events columns to chains of transmission list page
- integrated into new design "Copy main address from parent entity" option when you create a contact or a contact of contacts
- added breadcrumbs for parent when you create a contact or a contact of contacts
- added option to create a contact of contacts from contact view / modify page

- fixed an issue where changing follow-up visible columns from contact view page - tab Follow-up was messing the visible columns from Daily follow-ups page

- fixed an issue where adding contact of contact option was visible even if outbreak didn’t allow contact of contacts
- fixed an issue on cases count map where groups weren't displayed properly if you used filters and a large aggregation distance


- added alert status details column to lab results list pages
- changed first name, last name, case / contact id columns in global lab results to be links to case / contact view page if user has the proper permissions and case / contact isn't deleted

- fixed an issue where edit button was visible on lab result view page even if the selected outbreak wasn't the active one


Reference data

- added option to "Go to location usage page" from quick actions under location view / modify pages
- added option to go to view location page from location list page (otherwise you had to open the parent location list page to be able to open view page of a specific location)

- fixed an issue where location dropdown didn't work similarly to how it was in the old design (e.g. if you didn't know exactly the location name you didn't use the search functionality so you had to go parent by parent until you reached your location)

- fixed an issue on location usage page that was crashing the server every time you did a second request to retrieve location usages
- fixed an issue where view / modify buttons were visible on location usage page even if the records were under an outbreak that wasn't selected (view) or active (modify)

System administration
- added option to use as an external port a different port than the one used in the private network (e.g. use 443 for HTTPS as external port while on private network you might use 8000). If you don't want the reset password link to include a port you can provide an empty value to the external (public) port (empty = ''). This addresses the issue with wrong reset password link caused by not having the proper port.
- added option to windows application that allows configuration of the external port directly from the "Settings" dialog (tray icon => Settings)
- added option to windows application tray menu to easily access configuration files
- added option to allow user to choose if it should export dashboard epi chart on a single page or split between multiple pages
- implemented new user interface to display changes in audit logs list page
- added table and advanced filters to system devices
- added option to export audit logs (new user permission introduced)

- added "Preferred language" input to create / view / modify user (e.g. this way an admin can already setup a language for an user that doesn't know English and how to change his language from My Profile)
- added "Preferred language" column to users list page
- implemented new design for system device view page
- implemented new design for system device history view page
- implemented new design for global help view page
- fixed a bug that could've broken geo restriction for cases, contacts, events, contact of contacts and follow-ups
- fixed an issue where windows installer could take much more time to install than necessary
- fixed an issue where autocomplete wasn't working properly on login page
- fixed an issue where an empty link was added after each proper link in all list pages

- fixed an issue on reset password page where a browser error was thrown if new password and confirm password weren't the same instead of ui error


- fixed an issue where you couldn't import xlsx files with inline text
- fixed an issue where error messages weren't displayed properly

- minor layout adjustments here and there

Sara Hollis

Go.Data Project Team

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il y a 8 mois

Dear team,

Is this verson still available? Please, can you provide a link for download?

Greetings and many thanks!

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il y a 8 mois

Dear @Raisa2512  

Please email with your name, country, institution, and intended use for Go.Data and we will send you the installation files.

Kind regards