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Duplicate Questions (cont.)

We have a few more duplicate questions, please.

  1. When we want to resolve duplicates for imported data (which are our current - historical patient data), we go to "Duplicates" and then select the cases to merge. But we are not able to say that these cases "are not a duplicate", like you can when you create a new case. Why don’t we have "not a duplicate" for the Duplicates view?

  2. How do users manage merge duplicates without having two tabs open? Is it intended for the user to click on each user (potential duplicate) in the "This case might already be in the system" box and verify when new tabs are created that way?

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il y a 2 mois

Dear @cdalcais, 

Many thanks for your message. Concerning the inclusion of an option to say that two entities are not a duplicate, we will create a ticket in our project management platform and plan the inclusion of this enhancement in the upcoming Go.Data releases.

With regards to the management of duplicate records, it is expected that the message will alert users on this situation so that they can merge both entities in the "duplicate records" module, if needed.

If preferred, a user can always share his/her screen and check both entities to verify if they are duplicate records. However, if the user wants to merge them, he/she will need to do it in the formerly mentioned module. 

Hope this information is useful. 

Kind regards,