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Duplicates Questions

We have two duplicates questions:

  1. Here's a use case we had this week: one patient is a contact, but the nurse doesn’t know so they add the patient as a case. So then you see there are two entries for this patient - a case and a contact. When someone converts this contact to a case (in order to merge) and the contact is now a case -- the patient's case data doesn't show that the current case was a contact, like it does when you convert without merging a duplicate - is this how it is suppose to work?

  2. Follow-on Question - Is there a way to help users check for duplicates across contacts and cases?

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il y a 2 mois

Dear @cdalcais ,

Many thanks for your message. With regards to the first point that you mentioned, when you create a case or a contact in Go.Data, and this person has been already registered on the platform, you will receive the following message to warn you about this situation:

This alert will prevent you from accidentally duplicating a case or a contact.

In the event you disregard the message and proceed to create the case, you will have to merge them using the “Duplicate records” function.

At present, when you merge a case with a contact converted to case, Go.Data will keep all the information on the two entities with the exception of the contact specific information. For instance, you will not have the information that this person was previously a contact.

We have already created a ticket in our project management platform and plan the inclusion of an enhancement in the upcoming Go.Data releases in order to keep the information that was recorded for both entities.

Concerning the second point, users can check for duplicates across contacts and cases when consulting a particular case or contact file.

When you enter to a case o contact folder you will see the following message that will indicate that there is a record with similar information:


Kind regards,